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Raspberry Heaven

Raspberry Heaven

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A tasty blend of raspberries and wild blueberries, apple and mango. Delicious with apple juice, but try it with a vegetable drink or milk or water if you like it less sweet!


Apple, Raspberry, Mango, Wild Blueberry

Nutritional value (per 100g)

Energy - 232kJ / 55 kcal

Fats - 0.2 g

Of which saturated fats  - 0.01 g

Carbohydrates - 11 g

Sugars - 11 g

Fibre - 1.7 g

Protein - 0.5 g

Salt - 0.005 g


No allergens.

The smoothie mixes are produced in our company that processes gluten and lactose. Therefore the smoothie mixes may contain traces of gluten and lactose.

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