How it works

Your frozen package delivered in perfect condition

Get inspired and pick your favourite flavours.
Each box counts 15 tasty smoothie mixes.  

Now pick a delivery slot when available to receive the box at home.
Since this is about frozen products, it is really important that you are home.

From the moment we receive your order,
your package gets sorted in our cooled warehouse in Ooigem (Belgium).
Then we put your package in an styrofoam box with dry ice.
This to make sure the cold chain isn't interrupted.

Once our carrier arrives at your door,
the box is taken out of the isomo box (with dry ice).

Only the little box with smoothiemixes will be handed over to you.
So you don't need to worry about the dry ice.
We take care of that ! 

- The only thing expected from you is to enjoy the amazing smoothie mixes - 


3 - 2 - 1 SMOOTHIE

No more carrying home and chopping fruit and throwing lots away.
Crop’s fruit & veggie blends take the work out of the perfect smoothie. This is convenience without compromise, as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Tear open your Crop’s Smoothie pack and tip the fruit into the blender.

Splash in 250 ml of unsweetened juice (cloudy apple works best)
or cow, soy, almond milk or water.

Blend for 60 seconds.

That’s it. No waste, no ice. Just a perfect smoothie every time.


How to make the perfect smoothie