About us

Combined with Crop's Agricultural Expertise

More than thirty years ago we began as a small family business with a passion for fruit and an eye for excellence. Since then our quest for perfect fruit has taken us all over the world.

From the exotic slopes of Costa Rica to the rich soils of the Baltic States, we build longstanding, loyal partnerships with local growers, who know their native terroirs best. Crop’s partner farmers grow our fruit under the best conditions and pick every one at its peak of sun-drenched ripeness.

We invest together in local farms. Crop’s agronomists work with our partners, always striving for quality, excellence and sustainability. We always apply the highest standards to guarantee traceability and food safety — we are proud of the certifications we have achieved.


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Frozen is the new fresh

Freezing is hitting nature’s pause button. At peak ripeness, we harvest, clean and flash freeze our first-pick fruits as soon as they come in from the fields. This is how key vitamins, minerals and rich colour are locked in and taste is guaranteed. Blending whole fruit preserves more natural fibre than purées. Every Crop’s smoothie is free from artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and added sugar.